Rock Star or Comedian? Donald Shoup Takes His Parking Show to Berkeley | Streetsblog Los Angeles. Who should be behind the removal of Parking minimums for new construction, parking meters, and funneling revenue back into neighborhood services? everyone : Liberals, because “it creates opportunities for new public spending.” Conservatives: “It relies on markets rather than […]

Ice Age Fossils Are Being Unearthed By L.A.’s Subway Construction. following my earlier post

Like shooting fish in a barrel (Paraphrased), it’s like, every time you dig more than a foot around Museum Square you are bound to find awesome, magical, museum worthy items. so what’s the fun? there’s no sport in it. Below: Photos of items found while digging exploratory shaft for Purple Line extension. Photos of the […]

As an amateur (to the full extent of the word) home brewer I can relate to this… it makes me cringe to see how much water is wasted when brewing 5-10 gallons at home… I can’t even imagine the amounts of water that these small breweries go though. godspeed to you, small craft brewer. How […]

Great Article on the Los Angeles 1984 Summer Olympics, a good read. At the end of the games, the total expenditures came in at a respectable $546 million, but even more impressive was the profit: A surplus of $232.5 million, meaning $93 million would stay in the region. This was huge. The only other games […]

Makes me so happy, not just as a part of the alternative commuter program (4 years strong) but because my office is located in the Ueberroth Olympic Building, the building constructed to house the 1984 Olympic Committee. In preparation for the much anticipated traffic from the 1984 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles and with […]

(Photo above: The Playa?) Competing Solar power plants (although different technologies) are now harvesting the Sun’s rays to bring more chimes and bells and 24 hour partying to the Sin City (or maybe to power homes, internet switches, or server farms) Having driven to Las Vegas this month I can say that the Ivanpah array […]