Intro and first book summary

My intentions

This blog post is part one of what i am hoping becomes a multivolume and multifaceted look into a nascent interest of mine, Urban Planning. While i have been considering graduate school for a while now, i have been unable to draw focus on a particular profession that really interests me. The last few months have been good to me, i must admit, and have aided me in the realization that having lived and traversed through two major cities of the world (I am lucky to have lived in cities which are major cultural capitals in their own right) I have become enamored not only with the idea of urban planification but also the necessity to intervene and forge a stronger relationship with these two urban oasis as they have a mutually inclusive relation with both my history and my future plans.

So, something i have learned is that a great aid for fulfilling goals is to make such things as public as possible, to seek out interest from friends and other parties, not only does sharing with colleagues give you a sense of encouragement, it also creates a sense of accountability, as interested parties will hopefully remind you or shame you into not slacking off.

With that said, i have been talking to a lot of friends about my plans and have come up with the first part of my curriculum, a set of books, handpicked by a good friend, that I am hoping will either reinforce my interest in the subject or make me realize that i need more time pondering what it really is that I want out of a profession.

With no further adieu, the first book:

1. Los Angeles: The Architecture of Four Ecologies

(Book) By Reyner Banham

2. The Fragmented Metropolis: Los Angeles, 1850-1930 [part I]
(Book) by Robert M. Fogelson


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