Hidden Water Station in N.C. shows L.A. how it’s done

WUNC – North Carolina (An NPR Station) had an interesting article on a mysterious house in Raleigh, N.C. The Station reports on a house with no driveway, mailbox, or working doors. This facade, turns out, is not some secret Cold War Era bunker or the newest Real World party mansion. Turns out the house is a hidden utility station, a water pump station for the city’s water supply.

Of course we are all familiar with secret Public Utility spaces thanks to the recurring article that gets posted multiple times every year regarding secret Metro exits and ventilation shafts for the NYC underground Metro: 2013, 2012, 20112010, and this 2004 version which includes the quote:

“I was out front working, and a woman told me her mother had been born in that building,” recalled a next-door neighbor. “She was looking for her mother’s birthplace, and I said, ‘I’m sorry to tell you, it’s owned by the city and no one’s lived there for a hundred years.’ She was rather bewildered by it all.”

although I guess every once in a while someone adds real content to the conversation or adds new cool hidden places like restaurants behind pawn shops or bars whose entrance hides behind a Psychic reader’s Employees Only door

So let this be the 2014 version of the “NY Metro exits on Brooklyn home/Secret antiterrorist escapetunnel exits in Brooklyn, etc”

I’m still holding out to see Los Angeles’s public works’ secret buildings, well, there’s that ONE electric station at 925 Francisco St on 9th and Figueroa, next to the Salvation Army/The Pantry/Figueroa Hotel and a block from LA Live but that’s not really hidden.

Well at least we have all of our hidden oil wells (another topic that gets written about at least once a year) if you’re not familiar, or want to see one of the better short videos on it, please watch the Vice VBS.tv version from 2009 found here


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